Frequently Asked Questions

What is a .to domain?

The .to domain extension is the ccTLD to the island kingdom of Tonga. Domains in the .to TLD may be registered by any individual or business worldwide. Because of this, the unique .to domain name extension is used globally for all types of websites and applications.  .TO domains are also commonly registered by businesses and individuals in various regions that can identify with the extension, such as Toronto, Tokyo, Torino and Toncantins. Many international companies use the .to domain in addition to their .com domain, to add a unique touch to their image with a short .to domain name, instead of their longer .com alternative.  What makes the .to domain name extension the most attractive is that it is short, it is memorable, there are many keywords still available, and it may be registered and used in by anybody in any country, for any type of business, project, or web application.

How can I check if the domain name I want in the .to TLD is still available?

Our website is made for .to domain name registration and there are many different ways to check for .to domain name availability.  Our main .to domain name search page is located here:

You may bulk search .to domain names using our bulk .to domain checker here:

If the domain name you would like is available, you may register and activate your domain name immediately by proceeding to checkout.

Domain names are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will my .to domain name work anywhere in the world?

Yes, a .to domain name works the same as a .com domain name, it is usable and accessible worldwide.  The .to TLD is treated the same way as .com by all the DNS nameservers across the globe.

What is an Emoji Domain Name (EDN)?

An Emoji Domain Name (EDN) is an International Domain Name (IDN) with an Emoji in it.  Emoji domain names, and international domain names in general, are registered using the Punycode character encoding format.  Thanks to Punycode, you are able to use UTF-8 characters in domain names.  After the Punycode conversion of an EDN / IDN from UTF-8 to ASCII, the resulting domain name starts with the prefix 'xn--' and is followed by the encoded value.  This results in each EDN / IDN having a unique Punycode representation, for example 'xn--s28h' is the emoji face with sunglasses '

What does .to mean in a web address?

The domain extension .to, also known as the .to ccTLD or .to TLD, is the suffix or last part of a .to domain name - the letters after the dot to the right of a .to domain name.  The .to TLD is similar to other TLDs in that it is a label to signify the Top Level Domain.  Although the .to TLD is the ccTLD to the island kingdom of Tonga, it is registered worldwide by all types of international businesses and individuals in all countries.  In many languages around the world, 'to' may also have meaning, such as in English, Greek & Polish.  Many registrants prefer .to because of this unique feature.

I just registered a .to domain name and it is not working yet, how long will it take for it to be live?

After you register your .to domain name, DNS propagation needs to take place.  Generally speaking, DNS propagation is the automated process of updating the world's nameservers with the new DNS zone.  This fully automated process begins at the moment of registration, and can take 24 to 48 hours for full worldwide propagation, however partial / working propagation may be achieved in as little as 6 hours.  You may use our DNS Propagation Checker to monitor your .to domain's propagation status here:

You may confirm that your .to domain name has been registered by doing a Whois Lookup on your domain name here:

If you have any questions or concerns about your new .to registration our support staff will be happy to help you.  Please feel free to contact our support staff at anytime by opening a ticket here: