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If you have an account with us, please login and submit a ticket so that we may better serve you. Without logging-in, you may contact our Sales Department for sales inquiries or our Abuse Department to make an abuse complaint.

To contact a .to domain name registrant / owner, you may do a whois lookup on the domain name at our .TO Domain Whois Lookup page and then click on Contact Domain Owner.

Please note: DMCA takedown requests are meant to be directed to the web host / hosting company / ISP where the allegedly infringing content is stored / served / hosted and not to the domain name's registrar. A .to domain name registration's website may or may not be hosted with us. We can only respond to DMCA takedown requests if the allegedly infringing content is hosted with us at one of our IP addresses in the range of [158.85.*.*]. Please do not send DMCA takedown requests to us if the allegedly infringing website does not resolve to an IP address in these ranges because you would be sending the DMCA to the incorrect party. Under the DMCA safe harbor provisions, domain name registrars bear no legal responsibility for content hosted on third-party services.

You may submit a new ticket by selecting the appropriate department below. Additional departments are available when you login.

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Sales Department
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Abuse Department
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