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DNS Propagation Checker - Check on your .to domain name's global DNS propagation by entering your domain name or hostname (subdomains supported), and selecting the DNS record type you would like to check. This tool will check many public nameservers worldwide to confirm the current propagation state of the DNS record / domain name. Although this tool is meant for our .to domain registrants, it may be used to test the DNS propagation of any domain name. Full DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours. A partially working DNS propagation state may be achieved in as little as 6 hours with new .to domain registrations.

Check DNS Propagation

Step 1: Enter a domain name / hostname
Step 2: Choose a DNS record type
Step 3: Click 'Check DNS Propagation'

If 10 servers respond with the same result, then your DNS record has propagated to a workable state in those regions. If it is still not resolving correctly on your device, then you may want to clear your DNS cache if possible, or you may need to simply give it some more time for DNS propagation to complete in full.

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