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Register.TO Domain Registrar is your source for .to domain name registration with Free SSL, DNS, domain & email forwarding, all included for only ⭐ US$37/yr ⭐ & lower.* The first to offer .to Emoji Domains, we also offer .to domain backordering, programs for affiliates & resellers, and top-quality, premium hosting. We are the international domain registrar for the .to TLD; the ccTLD to the island kingdom of Tonga.
The .to TLD has many possibilities. .TO domains are commonly registered internationally for the unique .to suffix and for the vast availability of short 1-word .to domains. Domain names in the .to ccTLD / TLD are also commonly registered where 'to' may relate to a region other than Tonga, such as Toronto, Torino, Tokyo or Tocantins. Our .to domain name availability search has a high success rate because many .to domain name keywords have yet to be registered. To expand your .to domain name search even further, use our domain keyword suggestion tool or bulk search .to domain names to find your perfect .to domain name even quicker by searching for multiple .to domains at a time. Unlike other domain name extensions, your desired .to domain name may be available for registration. New: You may now backorder a .to domain to be first in line to get a dropping/deleting .to domain.*

.TO Domain Transfer

Transfer your .to domain to us for the same low price as our yearly registration rate, from ⭐ US$37/yr ⭐ & lower, in multiple currencies. Take advantage of the lowest .to domain registration, transfer & renewal prices on the web by transferring your .to domain names to us today. New: We now provide FREE, secure, private & anonymous Internal .TO Domain Transfer / Domain Push when transferring .to domains between Register.TO accounts.
Register, Transfer or Renew .TO domains for: USD $ 37/yr | CAD $ 49/yr | EUR € 33/yr

Emoji .TO Domains ❤😎😍.to

On August 15, 2017 we began fully supporting the registration of special character .to Emoji Domain Names & .to International Domain Names (domain names using non-Latin characters). Since then, the popularity of Emoji Domains has skyrocketed. Try registering a .to Emoji Domain by simply entering emojis in the register / domain search input field. There is no extra cost for International or Emoji .to domain name registrations.

.TO Domains Worldwide

.TO Domain Registrar - Register.TO 🚀 provides domain name registration services in the .to top-level domain TLD internationally, at the lowest prices (from ⭐ US$37/yr ⭐ & lower), in multiple currencies. The .to TLD is the country code top-level domain ( ccTLD ) to the island kingdom of Tonga. .TO domain names may be registered by anybody; all individuals & businesses across the globe may register .to domains for various types of websites & applications. .TO domain registrants are from all countries & regions of the world, including North America, South America, the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania. The .to domain extension is preferred in many cases where a short .com equivalent of a desired domain name / keyword is not available, or where 'to' has meaning in the website's language or region. In addition to the English preposition, 'to' phonetically means 'it' in Polish, Czech & Greek. Some regions may also identify with .to because it may be used to indicate a city or region such as Toronto (Canada), Torino (Italy), Tokyo (Japan), Tocantins (Brazil), or Tonga (the island kingdom of Tonga). We accept multiple currencies (US Dollar, Canadian Dollar & European Euro) & multiple methods of payment. .TO Domain Affiliate & .TO Domain Reseller Programs are available for domain professionals, web hosts and registrars who would like to promote and resell .to domain registrations.


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Register.TO Domain Registrar

The best, lowest .to domain prices - Our .to domain prices are unbeatable. We will beat any price.
Many ways to pay - Payments may be made in USD, EURO or CAD. We accept all major Credit Cards, PayPal, ApplePay & Bitcoin / Altcoin cryptocurrencies.
Many short & memorable .to domains are available for registration. Try our Suggestions button when searching for your .to domain name.
Daily .TO Domain DropLists - Free, up-to-date Dropped .TO Domains page lists expired .to domain names, now publicly available again for anybody to register. Our Dropping .TO Domains page lists soon dropping .to domains that may be Backordered.
.TO Emoji Domain Names (EDN) 😎🌴.to - Search for & Register .to Emoji Domains using our .to search.
Free Premium Anycast DNS with DDoS protection - Setup your own custom DNS records as your project requires. All record types are supported including ALIAS/ANAME/APEX records. Easily & automatically import your current DNS records. Our high-performance Anycast DNS system is extremely reliable, very fast, & DDoS protected with 23 points of presence globally.
Free Comodo SSL Certificate - Installed automatically via AutoSSL for secure https protocol support for your domain name. Hosting plan not required.
Free Domain Forwarding - Redirect visitors to another URL. Secure SSL / https redirection is supported by default.
Free Email Forwarding - Forward emails to your current email address or wherever you'd like.
Free Domain Privacy - All .to domain names have Private Whois. Registration contact details are always protected & always private.
No Transfer Limitations - Transfer your .to domain name at any time. Unlike other registrars, we do not impose limitations as to when you may transfer your domains.
Cheap Premium Hosting - We offer low-cost Premium Hosting that may be used with any TLD (not just .to).
Two-Factor Authentication - Add 2FA for an extra layer of account login security.
Transfer Key Generator - Generate your transfer keys for your domains instantly & on demand with no transfer limitations.
Multi-Currency - Buy .to domains in Canadian or US Dollars, or European Euro.
Our Mobile & Tablet Friendly Website is straightforward & easy to use on all platforms.
IDN/International Domain Name registrations. Register domains using internatioanl language characters such as French letters with accents, Greek/Russian Cyrillic characters, Chinese characters, Arabic script & other languages.

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Register / Renew / Transfer1
$ 37
( $37/yr )
$ 49
( $49/yr )
€ 33
( €33/yr )
$ 72
($36/yr )
$ 94
($47/yr )
€ 63
$ 102
( $34/yr )
$ 135
( $45/yr )
€ 90
( €30/yr )
$ 160
( $32/yr )
$ 210
( $42/yr )
€ 140
( €28/yr )
$ 290
( $29/yr )
$ 380
( $38/yr )
€ 255
( €25.50/yr )
Contact Sales for longer terms:
$ 625
( $25/yr )
$ 825
( $33/yr )
€ 550
( €22/yr )
$ 2200
( $22/yr )
$ 2900
( $29/yr )
€ 1950
( €19.50/yr )
1Transfer fee includes 1 year renewal term

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Register.TO Domain Registrar 🚀 The .TO Domain Name Registration Experts. We offer our Tonga .to ccTLD domain name registration services globally, to any interested individual, company or organization, from ⭐ $37/yr ⭐ & lower, in multiple currencies. Our international clients include end users, web developers, domain investors, resellers & other domain registrars with official domain reseller agreements with us. Our mission is to provide the world with professional .to domain name registration services & specialized products related to the .to TLD namespace, with customer service & support at the highest priority. REGISTER.TO - World's #1 .TO Domain Registrar.