Listed below are expired / dropping .to domain names currently in renewal grace period. If the domains below are not renewed in time by their registrants, then the domain names will become publicly available for registration. Once a domain has expired and dropped, it is made available for anyone to register. This .to domain upcoming drop list is created using publicly available .to domain name Whois Lookup data, of all .to domain names, registered at any domain registrar. The only available public Whois data available for a given .to domain name are its: created, last-edited & expiry dates, and nameserver values. If you'd like to be the first to register one of these domain names, you may place a .TO Domain Backorder by clicking on the Backorder button. With our .TO Domain Backorder service, we will attempt to register a dropping .to domain for you when it becomes available for only ⭐ US$74 ⭐ .TO Domain Backorder service includes 1 year of registration, and our regular, best-priced .to renewal rates apply. If we are not successful at retrieving the backordered domain name for you, you will receive a full refund automatically. If we are able to get the backordered domain name, and if you were the only, single backorderer for the domain name, then the domain is yours! If there are 2 or more backorders for the same domain name, the domain name goes to public auction in the .TO Domain Aftermarket. Order cut-off time for backordering a domain name that is dropping the same day is 8:00 AM EDT (UTC-4).