All .TO domain names have Private Whois. Here you may perform a .TO Whois Lookup to retrieve a domain's publicly available information such as the creation date, last edited date, expiry date, and nameserver values. To contact a .TO domain owner, you may click the contact link in the domain's Whois Lookup results.

-----Register.TO Whois v1.2-----
Created on: Fri Dec 14 14:54:51 2012
Last edited on: Mon Jan 14 00:06:56 2019
Expires on: Sat Dec 14 14:54:51 2019
Primary host add:
Primary host name: NS1.REGISTER.TO
Secondary host add:
Secondary host name: NS2.REGISTER.TO

Results converted to Eastern Time Zone:
Created on: Thu Dec 13 20:54:51 2012 (ET)
Last edited on: Sun Jan 13 06:06:56 2019 (ET)
Expires on: Fri Dec 13 20:54:51 2019 (ET)

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