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Auction #: A17739
Domain Name Auction:  hris.to
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for domain name only, no website, no content.
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Start Time:
2022-09-16 15:00:00 EDT (UTC-4)
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2022-09-23 15:00:00 EDT (UTC-4)
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USD $ 47
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Date Domain Price (USD $)
2021-08-04hris.com$ 8,801
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2014-01-14bmel.de$ 11,533
2014-01-29bmel.de$ 11,406
2021-11-08gbet.co$ 9,999
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2020-10-27gbet.co.uk$ 9,000
2012-03-28smal.se$ 5,770
2022-07-05mbos.io$ 5,129
2013-05-15brit.tv$ 5,000
2020-04-06brit.co.uk$ 4,903
2012-04-25brit.co$ 4,750
2008-10-07lgem.de$ 4,213
2008-03-11gpac.de$ 3,953
2020-05-19spil.nl$ 3,905
2015-05-13fbet.ru$ 3,868
2016-12-30csod.nl$ 3,500
2017-07-14snep.it$ 2,806
2020-11-08bmag.org.uk$ 2,653
2016-07-21plat.io$ 2,300
2016-09-04flos.ch$ 2,127
2021-02-10ltom.cn$ 2,000
2015-05-15csod.co.uk$ 1,857
2010-09-30plac.es$ 1,796
2010-01-06htel.eu$ 1,790
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